The CFP Board is seeking comment on its revised code of ethics and standards of conduct, according to a press release from the board.

The current proposal takes into account more than 1,300 comments to the board’s initial proposal unveiled this summer. The current revised code maintains the expansion of the fiduciary standard to all financial advice but makes changes to some disclosure requirements, according to the press release. The board will begin accepting comments Jan. 2 and close the comment period Feb. 2, the board says.

The CFP Board polled around 1,000 CFP professionals on its initial revision proposal and found that 96% agreed that CFPs should be required to put their clients’ best interest first, according to

The Financial Planning Association, National Association of Personal Financial Advisers and consumer advocacy groups supported the expansion of the fiduciary standard, while Sifma and the Financial Services Institute opposed it, according to the web publication.

But the board recognized “the need to be practical” and removed several “pre-engagement disclosure requirements,” Blaine Aikin, chair of the board of directors of the CFP Board, tells In particular, the pre-engagement disclosure rules would have hurt larger firms that provide various types of services, as well as call centers, Aikin tells the web publication.

The current proposal also removes a requirement that CFP professionals integrate financial planning into all financial advice, according to Aikin, writes.

The new code is expected to come out at the end of the first quarter of 2018 and go into effect January 2019, according to the web publication. This will be the first time the CFP Board’s code has been updated since January 2009, writes.