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December 29, 2015

Advisors Prioritize Business Growth Over Watchdog, Robo Threats
Survey finds advisors are more concerned with growing their own businesses than the implications of regulatory creep or robo-advisors.
More Regulatory Red Flags in 2016
Several rules from the SEC and other industry watchdogs will affect how advisors do business next year.
On Aggregate, Did You Grow Your Clients' Portfolios in 2015?

A volatile S&P 500, mixed results in global markets and variable fixed-income returns ... On average, how did your client portfolios fare in 2015?

Financial Advisors Must Be More than Money Managers
Providing investment advice should be just the beginning of client servicing.
Use Metaphors, Not Jargon, When Talking With Clients
Don’t confuse or alienate clients with complex terms and jargon. Use analogies and plain English to communicate better.