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ETF Insider for September 15, 2022

Rules of the Road for Direct Indexing

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Figuring out how big a benefit direct indexing can bring to a particular portfolio, given the effort of selling the concept to clients, may seem daunting. Asset managers are starting to help with that process.

FAs Weigh In: Steps for Better Wealth Transfer

September 14, 2022No Comments

Americana Partners’ David Darst shares how the pitfalls of wealth transfer can be minimized and even avoided.

IRS to Refund $1.2B in Late Filing Penalties

August 29, 2022No Comments

The agency will automatically issue refunds or credits to close to 1.6 million taxpayers by the end of September.

Loophole Leads to Billions of Dollars in Tax Evasion: Senate Committee

August 26, 2022No Comments

Hundreds of thousands of offshore “shell banks” around the world could be helping wealthy tax payers avoid paying taxes.

Merrill to Clients: Enter the Market for Dollar Cost Averaging

August 25, 2022No Comments

“Don’t let the emotions of the moment, the crosswinds in the market, knock you off your long-term plans,” Merrill Lynch Wealth Management president Andy Sieg said on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

Morgan Stanley Enhances Workplace Platform

August 23, 2022No Comments

The updates, which are for the stock plan platforms Equity Edge Online and Shareworks, aim to increase efficiency, productivity and satisfaction, according to Morgan Stanley.

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ETF Insider: Tax Loss Tactics | ‘Finfluencers’ Floating ETFs | The Anti-ESG Strategy

Sour Markets Make for Sweet Allocation Opportunities

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Fear of capital gains hits and have held some advisors back from switching clients out of funds into ETFs. But a market dip may change that.

FAs Weigh In: How FAs Use Muni Bonds

August 12, 2022No Comments

“Of late, there has been a historic sell-off in munis and the opportunity there may prove even greater in the future,” according to Coastal Bridge Advisors’ Jim Pratt-Heaney.