Many Americans, particularly Millennials, believe that investing based on environmental, social and governance factors isn’t just good for their conscience but their bank balances too, according to a recent survey.

Of all the U.S. investors surveyed, 58% believe that investing sustainably is in fact “the only way to ensure profitability for the long term,” Schroders says it found in a survey of more than 23,000 investors, including 1,500 in the United States.

That figure rises to 65% among American Millennials, or those ages 22 to 41, according to Schroders.

Interestingly, the proportion of American investors who believe sustainable investing is also good for the planet is roughly the same: 62% of Americans overall, and 68% of Millennials, believe that sustainable investing “can also lead to progress on challenges such as climate change,” Schroders says it found.

American investors also want to have a choice when it comes to sustainable investing, according to the survey.

Sixty-one percent of U.S. respondents say they would be encouraged to allocate more to sustainable investing if they had the ability to choose which aspect of ESG investing they could target, Schroders says it found.

Close to seven in 10 Americans favor the “S” in ESG, with 69% choosing human capital management, such as health and safety, well-being, compensation and benefits among their three most important areas, according to the survey.

In addition, 46% said their top choice was diversity and inclusion, and 42% chose human rights, Schroders says it found.

“Despite the divide emerging in the U.S., this data clearly suggests investors are coming to believe that investing sustainably is a long-term endeavor,” Marina Severinovsky, Schrodershead of sustainability, North America, said in a statement. “Moving forward, it will be crucial to examine the decades-long trends around both environment and society, and how to align investment options alongside them, in order to tap into the opportunities that come along with change.”