Financial advisors pull in median annual salaries of $94,170, or more than twice the $45,760 representing the median pay of the average U.S. worker, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The government data is based on survey responses and includes base salaries, commission and incentive pay, but does not account for bonuses or profit-sharing payments.

FAs earn the most compared to the overall state median salary in South Dakota. There, advisors’ salaries come in at about $140,160 a year, compared with a median annual salary of $37,710 statewide. Neighboring North Dakota has one of the lowest discrepancies, with FAs earning a median salary of $62,380, compared to $46,960 for all occupations.

New York advisors, meanwhile, earn the most relative to their state's median income, bringing in $131,520 a year, nearly $50,000 more than the statewide median of $82,720. Financial advisors earn the least in Mississippi, with a median of $48,550, or $13,480 above the statewide median.

But greater take-home pay doesn’t correlate with a scarcity of advisors.

Connecticut holds the title for most financial advisors per capita, with 132.3 FAs per 100,000 people, but advisors still earn more than double the median wage in the Nutmeg State.

Meanwhile, the median FA pay in Utah, which has 113.5 advisors per 100,000 people, is in the bottom four nationally at $63,240. Still, that’s 62.7% greater than the average state resident, data indicate.