Sanctuary Wealth says a team of advisors with $460 million in client assets has joined its network from Merrill Lynch.

The team is led by Max Alvis, who is joined by wealth advisors Will Alvis and Alexis Hudson Pigg. They operate as The Alteri Group in Lufkin, Texas.

Rounding up the team are registered client associate Jennifer Hansard and client associates Elisabeth Alvis Kennedy and Viridiana Cruz.

The team has affiliated with Sanctuary through its partner firm 6 Degrees Wealth, which is a joint venture of G Squared Private Wealth led by George Georgiades and Victoria Greene and Concenture Wealth Advisors led by Robert Gilliland.

"The impetus behind the decision to leave Merrill Lynch after 31 years is that we feel working with an independent firm is what will be best for our clients over the long term. It also made sense at this point in my career, although I'm not planning to retire, to think about a succession plan," Max Alvis, managing director at The Alteri Group, said in a statement.

Familiarity with the Sanctuary team also helped with Max Alvis’ decision to breakaway from Merrill and join the RIA network.

"I know the character of the people at Sanctuary and that means a lot to me. Years ago, Vince Fertitta and I were young producing managers working together in the same complex and we've maintained a relationship since the 90's,” he said.

“George, Robert, and I were also producing managers in the same region for decades, becoming close friends, and I relied on Vicki’s market expertise for years at Merrill. I have always admired their professionalism and know we share the same philosophy and client-first mentality,” he added.

Max Alvis has been in the industry since 1989, when he registered with J.W. Gant & Associates, then moved to Merrill in 1991, according to his BrokerCheck record.

Will Alvis joined the industry in 2014, when he registered with Merrill, according to his BrokerCheck record.

Hudson Pigg joined the industry in 2013, when she registered with Merrill, according to her BrockerCheck record.