Wells Fargo will bring most of its staff back to the office on March 14, and most of them, including customer-facing employees and those in enterprise functions, will work on a hybrid model going forward, according to news reports.

The firm plans to return contact center and operations staff shortly after the staff employees, Bloomberg and Reuters report, citing a memo sent Wednesday by chief operating officer Scott Powell.

“When we start returning to the office it’s going to be a lot of flexibility, way more flexibility than we had before the pandemic,” Powell said in an interview with Bloomberg, adding that it means only three days a week in the office for most cases. “We will adapt the model as we go forward, as we know more.”

Wells Fargo has set and then delayed its return-to-office date several times since this summer, finally delaying it indefinitely in December, as reported.

As of Wednesday, however, Wells Fargo staff can voluntarily return to the office and resume client visits, business meetings and travel, as long as they’re vaccinated, according to Reuters and Bloomberg.

Unlike some of its rivals, including Citigroup and JPMorgan, Wells Fargo isn’t mandating that their workers get the Covid-19 vaccine, merely encouraging it, Reuters writes.

Vaccinated staff, meanwhile, aren’t required to wear a mask, except in certain circumstances, according to the newswire.

The company had 249,435 employees at the end of last year, Bloomberg writes. About 100,000 of them have been coming into the office throughout the pandemic, according to Reuters.

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