FA-IQ reached out to advisors to ask: What are the top financial advice questions you are getting from your clients?

Matt Celenza, founder and managing partner at Boulevard Family Wealth. Beverly Hills, California-based Celenza has been in the industry for more than 25 years and has around $1.5 billion in client assets.

Matt Celenza

  1. Questions about life insurance as an asset class, tax and investment planning tool.
  2. How to manage income taxation — in fact, questions on all taxation given the noise on changes in tax from federal, state and local governments.
  3. How to engage the next generation meaningfully?
  4. How to navigate family dynamics and set the family up for long-term emotional and familial success?
  5. Questions about philanthropy management.
  6. Questions about lending and leverage strategies in the current low interest rate environment.

Brian Buckley, managing partner and chief investment partner at Buckley Wealth Management. Las Vegas-based Buckley has been in the industry for 43 years and has around $530 million in client assets.

Brian Buckley

  1. Should I take capital gains now?
  2. What will be the tax changes under the new administration? How can I avoid higher taxes?
  3. What about the federal deficit? How will that affect the market?
  4. How do you invest in a low-interest rate market?
  5. Can the economy grow with this progressive Congress?
  6. How can the country pay for green energy, college for all and continue handouts to those not working?

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