Alternative investment are not necessarily the high-risk/high-reward proposition many investors – and their advisors – think they are. So say panelists Casey Galligan of Black Creek Group and Daniel Maccarone of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management on Financial Advisor IQ's webcast “Why Aren’t You Using Alternatives?” sponsored by Black Creek Group. This webcast was recorded and is available to watch now via the "Register" button below.

Financial advisors have long counted on a 60/40 portfolio split between equities and bonds for diversification. However, it’s become increasingly clear that allocating 40% to bonds is not getting the job done for many investors. That’s why some advisors now see alternative investments, such as real estate, private equity and hedge funds, as a viable part of the equation. At a time when interest rates are low and bonds and treasuries are underperforming, advisors who include alternatives in their allocations may be giving their clients an advantage.

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Casey Galligan, Managing Director, National Sales Manager, Black Creek Capital Markets
Daniel Maccarone, Co-Head of the Global Investment Manager Analysis Team, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Ellie Duncan

The panel discusses why advisors might want to consider private equity, real estate or hedge funds for client portfolios, looking at their performance, tax treatments and correlation to other markets. They also describe what a portfolio with a 10% allocation to alternatives looks like and how to talk to clients about investments they may not entirely understand.