After a landmark year for digital assets, what can 2021 offer for an encore? Will more major banks begin custodying bitcoin? Will more investment platforms allow investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies within their accounts? Will ease of access brought on by PayPal and Square lead to further appreciation for investors? And will the digital payments space finally see its long awaited blockchain revolution?

While the developments of 2021 may be no easier to predict than the successes seen this past year, Galaxy Digital portfolio manager Paul Cappelli will do his best to sort out the most likely path for the new year. Join us for our final episode of FutureProof as we look to the future and discuss what the evolving landscape may mean for investors and their advisors.

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Paul Cappelli, Portfolio Manager, Galaxy Fund Management

Jonathan E. Braunstein

FutureProof is a webcast series from Financial Advisor IQ and Galaxy Fund Management, focused on digital assets for the modern financial advisor. Each webcast will tackle a single question related to how financial advisors can help their clients invest in digital assets such as bitcoin, ethereum and others. Our quick hitting conversations will seek to answer that single question and provide actionable insights in just 20 minutes.