While the Fed’s Lower for Longer policy does not guarantee inflation, traditionally a long-term cheap-money policy has had this effect. As such protecting the value of your clients’ assets may become necessary for the first time in years.

On our next episode of FutureProof, our panel will discuss what tactics are available to financial advisors to hedge against that risk. "How Will You Protect Your Clients if Inflation Hits," will be held on November 19th at 12 p.m. EST. You can sign up today by clicking the "register" button below.

We will speak with Howard Coleman, the CIO of Coldstream Wealth Management, who can discuss his thoughts about the prospects of inflation and describe what inflation hedges are most attractive to him, should they be necessary.

We will also speak with Steve Kurz of Galaxy Digital, who can discuss the potential for using investments in bitcoin or other digital assets to hedge against US dollar inflation.

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Howard Coleman, CIO, Coldstream Wealth Management
Steve Kurz, Partner, Head of Asset Management, Galaxy Digital

Jonathan E. Braunstein

FutureProof is a webcast series from Financial Advisor IQ and Galaxy Fund Management, focused on digital assets for the modern financial advisor. Each webcast will tackle a single question related to how financial advisors can help their clients invest in digital assets such as bitcoin, ethereum and others. Our quick hitting conversations will seek to answer that single question and provide actionable insights in just 20 minutes.