The 2020 Presidential election is as consequential as any in memory. Coming amidst a pandemic and the related economic slowdown, voters will decide two candidates with vastly different visions for the country. The standard rollcall of partisan fiscal topics, from taxes to regulation to government spending take on heightened importance due to the country’s underlying health.

Today at 12 p.m. ET, Financial Advisor IQ will host “How to Election-Proof Your Clients’ Portfolios: From Taxes to Volatility,” a webcast sponsored by Parametric Portfolio Associates. You can sign up right now, by clicking the "Register" button below.Among the biggest challenges ahead: paying the bill for the relief and stimulus measures taken during the shutdown. The prospect of tax hikes or uncomfortable budget cuts are likely to shake markets and lead to greater volatility both in the run-up and the aftermath of the November decision.

Despite the lack of clarity about what is ahead, financial advisors remain committed to look out for their clients and their portfolios. With sound advice and customization, advisors can help put their clients in a position to navigate the coming months, whatever they bring.

This webcast will focus on the actions financial advisors can take to protect their clients. We’ll cover several different macro themes to understand the real economic risks ahead of us and highlighting the actions advisors can take.

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Jeff Bush, Partner, The Washington Update
David Romhilt, Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Summit Trail Advisors
Rey Santodomingo, Managing Director of Investment Strategy, Tax Managed Equities, Parametric

Jonathan E. Braunstein

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