While some experienced financial advisors may need a bit of education and convincing about how digital assets can strengthen portfolios, for others these products are a natural fit. In fact, some FAs with younger, tech-savvy clientele have even come to evangelize bitcoin and altcoins.

Today at 12 p.m. ET, Financial Advisor IQ will host "FutureProof: How do you build a plan around bitcoin?," in partnership with Galaxy Fund Management. You can sign up to watch the event right now by clicking the "Register" button below.

We will speak with Tyrone Ross, Jr., the CEO of OnRamp Invest, about how he builds investment plans for his clients with digital assets at the heart of their portfolios. Ross is an entrepreneur, former college athlete and hosted the Human Advisor Podcast.

This FutureProof webcast will also feature Steve Kurz, Head of Asset Management at Galaxy Digital, who will speak about the value of investing in the digital assets space overall.

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This webcast is available at no cost to all readers.

Steve Kurz, Partner, Head of Asset Management, Galaxy Digital
Tyrone Ross, Jr., CEO, OnRamp Invest

Jonathan E. Braunstein

FutureProof is a webcast series from Financial Advisor IQ and Galaxy Fund Management, focused on digital assets for the modern financial advisor. Each webcast will tackle a single question related to how financial advisors can help their clients invest in digital assets such as bitcoin, ethereum and others. Our quick hitting conversations will seek to answer that single question and provide actionable insights in just 20 minutes.