Financial professionals’ expectations about what their clients need are significantly different from those of investors. And if they want to attract new clients and keep those they have, pros will have to communicate better, according to a recent report.

For starters, individual investors expect 11.7% long-term returns above inflation, Natixis found. Financial pros, meanwhile, expect just 5.3%, which represents an “expectation gap” of 121%, according to Natixis’s survey of 2,700 financial professionals in 16 countries. Three hundred of those respondents were in the U.S.

In addition, the main concern for financial professionals when it comes to their clients’ money is exposing assets to market volatility, cited by 25% as a major risk, Natixis says. But only 18% of investors cite exposure to volatility as a risk concern, according to the survey.

Instead, most investors — 31% — are most concerned about the risk of losing wealth or assets, Natixis found. Only 22% of professionals cite that as a concern.

Financial professionals are far more worried about clients not meeting their financial goals. In fact, 24% cited that as a major risk factor, Natixis says. Only 10% of investors cite that as a concern, meanwhile, according to the survey.

But advisors will need to pay closer attention to investors’ expectations about communication. While investment performance ranks toward the bottom among reasons for leaving their financial professionals, the top two reasons professionals believe clients leave them is not listening to the needs of clients, cited by 60% of professionals, and failing to meet client expectations on communications, cited by 58% of professionals, Natixis found. 

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