Certified financial planners around the country are offering their services to underserved communities in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nearly 30 CFPs have so far made themselves available through the website of the Financial Planning Association. The association says it will continuously update the list as more advisors opt in.

“Members of the Financial Planning Association have been committed to supporting underserved communities by providing access to financial planning services on a pro bono basis. This commitment has been a hallmark of the association since the turn of the century with the 9/11 tragedy and continues to this day through the hard work and passion of our members and chapters across the country,” the FPA says.

“Today, Covid-19 (the coronavirus) is having a significant impact on every American no matter their background or location. But those Americans from underserved communities who cannot afford the services of a financial planner are going to feel the financial ramifications the most. To support individuals in these communities, FPA members are here to provide short-term, no-strings-attached financial planning guidance to those who need it.”

First detected in China in late 2019, the coronavirus has infected more than 341,000 people around the world, causing the deaths of at least 15,187 as of Monday morning, according to the New York Times. At least 33,019 people in the U.S. have tested positive for the virus and 428 have died as a result so far, the newspaper writes.

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