United Planners has named Mike Baker the company’s new chief executive.

Baker’s appointment follows the unexpected passing of the company’s previous CEO, Dave Shindel, on Oct. 19, United Planners says in a press release.

Baker, who’s been with the firm since 1999 and currently serves as president and general partner, will take on additional CEO duties effective Jan. 1, 2020, according to the company.

Formed in 1987, United Planners now has around 425 financial advisors overseeing approximately $15 billion in assets, the company says. The firm’s growth strategy will not falter during the CEO transition, according to Baker. Shindel had been transitioning his responsibilities to Baker over the past year as he was getting ready to retire, United Planners says.

“We are staying the course that has served our financial advisors well. There will be no dramatic pivots, changes or surprises,” he says in the press release. “We are financially stable and I’m not going anywhere."

The company’s ownership structure will also remain the same, according to Baker.

"We are proud of our true independence and will remain Adamantly Not for Sale,” he writes in the press release.