There are many components to well-planned portfolios that provide stability and security for clients, their families and their businesses. Many clients – and even financial advisors – are not aware that some life insurance products bring living benefits a retirement portfolios. Among those: providing protection, tax advantages, supplemental income, funding for business strategies, legacy planning, and even long-term care protection.

On September 19th at 11am ET, Financial Advisor IQ will host the webcast “The Critical Component most Client Portfolios are Missing,” sponsored by Lincoln Financial Group.

During this webcast, our panel will discuss:

  • How various life insurance products are selling and which ones are trending up
  • The living benefits indexed universal life insurance products can provide owners
  • How financial advisors can help their clients leverage these benefits to meet specific needs
  • How these products can offer downside protection during volatile markets

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Steve Sabol, Competitive Market Solutions, Creative Director, Lincoln Financial Distributors
Elaine F. Tumicki, Corporate Vice President, Insurance Research – Product , LIMRA

Bruce Love

Indexed universal life insurance is currently the largest and fastest growing segment in the life insurance industry. It can provide businesses with funding for strategies that attract and retain top talent or reward key employees for exceptional performance. These strategies can provide meaningful supplemental retirement income for owners and selected employees.