Citi has unveiled a digital financial planning platform for some of its clients, aiming to help them stay on track with their financial goals while allowing advisors to “recalibrate” the clients’ financial plans, the company says.

Citi Wealth Advisor, as the platform is called, lets clients pick their financial goals in order to set up a financial roadmap, which allows for “what if” scenarios for both controllable and uncontrollable events, Citi says in a press release.

The clients’ financial advisors or “relationship managers” will be able to follow the plan and “recalibrate” it based on the client’s changing needs and financial situation, Citi says.

“There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to financial planning,” John Cummings, head of Citi U.S. consumer wealth management, says in the press release. “We’re proud to introduce Citi Wealth Advisor, a more personalized, intuitive experience that helps clients create a financial roadmap that’s unique to them — whether that means sending their kids to college, retiring early, or buying a dream vacation home.”

The program is available to clients who are part of the Citigold program, according to the press release. The program is open to clients with a minimum of $200,000 in linked deposit, retirement and investment accounts with the firm, according to Citi’s website.


It’s unclear to what extent Citi’s new platform will integrate financial planning and banking at the firm and promote the practice of cross-selling between the two businesses, but banks and third-party providers have been coming up with creative ways to keep their clients’ banking and investing all in one place. Citi’s announcement comes days after digital wealth management platform maker SigFig rolled out a new platform it’s making available to retail banks that includes a robo-advisor as well as an algorithm-driven recommendation engine for banking products such as savings accounts and mortgages.