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Ex-Wells Fargo FA Says He Was Threatened with Firearms by Supervisor

By Miriam Rozen March 18, 2019

Editor's Note: This story and its headline were changed to reflect that the plaintiff has identified his connection to multiple Wells Fargo advisory channels in his lawsuit.

A former FA with one of Wells Fargo’s advisory channels alleges in a pending lawsuit against Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network that he was wrongfully discharged, subjected to retaliation, and harassed at work.

His employment issues apparently began after he reported in 2012 that his colleague had committed notary fraud, according to the lawsuit filed by Jeff Eldridge.

Eldridge’s lawsuit alleges that he was subjected to more severe discipline than his colleagues. He also claims that a supervisor threatened him by telling him he carried a handgun in the office and had more firearms in his vehicle. The same supervisor allegedly identified Eldridge as “tan” — a discriminatory reference to his Cherokee heritage.

“The Company denies the claims in the lawsuit,” a WFA spokesperson writes in an email.

Eldridge began as a loan officer for WFA’s parent bank in 2005 and became an advisor in San Antonio, Texas in 2010.

Initially, Eldridge filed his lawsuit in state court. But this month, Wells Fargo successfully had the litigation transferred to a San Antonio federal court.

In his lawsuit, Eldridge alleges he was “repeatedly” harassed by his supervisor for refusing “illegal use of wrongfully notarized documents.”

In October 2017, the harassment culminated in his “constructive termination,” Eldridge alleges, meaning he left work because his employer had created conditions that made it impossible for him to sustain employment.

Since then, Eldridge has worked at JPMorgan Securities, according to BrokerCheck.

Eldridge’s plaintiff lawyer, Alfonso Kennard of Kennard Miller Hernandez, did not return a request for comment.