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Fidelity Partners with Amazon to Roll Out VR Financial Advisor

May 21, 2018

The future -- when human financial advisors appear as avatars in virtual reality to dole out financial planning advice to their clients -- just got a little closer, according to an article in Fortune. Fidelity Labs, the research unit of Fidelity Investments, has partnered with Amazon to roll out an experimental digital advisor users can interact with via a VR headset, the publication writes.

However, the first iteration of Fidelity’s VR advisor doesn’t use a human advisor at all, according to Fortune. In a demonstration by Fidelity and Amazon held last week, people were able to talk to a virtual financial planner named Cora, the publication writes. Cora is designed to interpret people’s requests to pull up the performance of specific stocks and then project charts “on a wall in her virtual office,” according to Fortune.

The current experiment is tied into Amazon’s promotion of its Sumerian VR tools for developers, which Fidelity used to build its demonstration, the publication writes.


Fidelity Labs’ goal is to be ready to develop VR apps if the technology takes off, and the current experiment isn’t geared for wider release, according to Fortune. Nonetheless, the firm plans to show it to Fidelity clients to get their feedback, Fidelity Labs vice president Adam Schouela explained, according to the publication.

By Alex Padalka
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