Getting professional financial advice isn’t very popular with millennials, according to new research from Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company. But advisors may be able to play a bigger role in managing millennials’ wealth than any other generation because they’re also the riskiest investors, according to the study.

Only 8% of millennials use the services of a financial advisor, according to a survey of 1,002 respondents conducted last month by MassMutual. That’s compared to 62% for people over 65 who use an advisor and 32% for Americans overall, the study found.

Meanwhile, the study’s authors found an inverse correlation between uncertainty and working with a professional advisor. Millennials were twice as likely to be uncertain about how to invest for retirement than the population at large, the survey found.

What’s worse, but could also be an opportunity for advisors, is that millennials are also far riskier investors than other age groups. Only 23% of millennials are maintaining their retirement investing strategy in current markets, compared to 59% for all other adults, the survey found.

On average, bad decisions arising from timing the market cut investment returns by 2.5% annually, according to a Morningstar report cited by MassMutual as evidence millennials are sure to eventually come knocking on the doors of wealth managers.