United Capital has spent millions to develop its financial management program and is now poised to offer it to outside firms, RIABiz writes.

The company has been using Salesforce for a while and their new system will serve as a demonstration project for the CRM software and cloud-computing provider, which launched a RIA-geared platform earlier this month, the publication writes.

United Capital’s differentiating factor from the likes of software providers eMoney, MoneyGuidePro and Advicent Solutions is its “training and human involvement factors,” according to Alois Pirker, senior researcher at Aite Group, RIABiz writes.

But United Capital, which has 168 advisors managing $14.3 billion in assets, according to its most recent ADV, is not quite ready to reveal details about how it will distribute its white-label RIA software program to others, according to the publication.

Gail Graham, the company’s chief marketing officer, tells RIABiz that independent contractors already use its “process for financial life management,” but declines to talk about its pricing.

In any case, it’s unclear how popular United Capital’s program will be with other advisors, the publication opines.


Its connection to Salesforce, for starters, could dissuade some advisors who just don’t need a CRM that’s so complicated as to require substantial training and implementation, Deborah Fox, an advisor who also runs the practice management consultancy Fox Financial Planning Network, tells RIABiz.

And while larger- and medium-sized firms may be onboard, smaller firms may think the price too steep, she says.

On the other hand, she believes United Capital has a shot at “leasing” its entire behavior-based approach, one centered on “emotional conversations,” to other advisors, RIABIz writes.

“The point is every firm should have one advisor who would enjoy having these types of conversations,” Fox tells the publication.