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October 5, 2018

Annuities Players Make Big Push for Advisor Market
Insurance companies insist wealth managers are missing out on a key tool for client retirements.
My Crucial Lessons from the Financial Crisis and What I'll Do Next Time
Three advisors who made their respective FT Top Advisor lists this year remember the financial crisis.
Seven Myths Versus Realities About Millennials and Investing
Finra CEO Robert Cook says the results of the new research are counterintuitive.
Bernie Sanders Wants to Break Up JPMorgan, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo
Senator says size of large banks is a threat to the U.S. economy.
Wells Fargo and Baird Advisors Move to this Growing Rival
The new hires collectively managed $465 million.
Ric Edelman Dips His Toe Into Cryptocurrencies
Bitwise’s cryptoassets funds are available to investors through various accounts, including IRAs.
Why Minimums Make Sense
Only accept a level of assets that will let you meet performance goals.
Kansas City Firm and Owner Named in Multimillion Suit
Investors say the firm’s advisors told them they would earn up to 13% interest in a firm that eventually went bankrupt.