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March 12, 2018

Raymond James: Staying in Protocol Cuts Confusion for Clients
The firm’s stand on the broker protocol appears to be helping it attract advisors from UBS and Morgan Stanley.
UBS Increased Broker Pay by 14% in 2017
At the same time, signing bonuses at the firm’s Americas unit dropped 7%.
Citi Ordered to Pay $4 Million to Financial Advisor
And a former Wells Fargo FA seeks $2 million plus in “sunset” fracas.
Commonwealth Financial Gains $350 Million Practice
“White glove” team had been affiliated with Northwestern Mutual.
Using Clients’ Mental Accounting for Better Planning
Advisors can help clients protect money from primitive impulses.
The Protocol Question You’ve Been Dying to Answer

No matter where you actually work, let’s pretend you’re in the trenches at a captive brokerage. Would you be more or less likely to leave if your company left the Protocol for Broker Recruiting?