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February 23, 2018

Ex-Merrill Chief: #MeToo Could Hit Wall Street
Sallie Krawcheck says someone could eventually come forward about a “Harvey Weinstein of Wall Street.”
Advisor’s Wife Ordered to Repay Half a Million
A federal court in Massachusetts rules the wife of Daniel Thibeault received allegedly misappropriated funds.
Does Heightened M&A Activity Come at the Expense of Organic Growth?
Studies show organic initiatives on the wane as firm swaps continue setting new records.
Natixis Identifies Investing Trends for a Volatile Market
Asset manager's gleanings from institutional investors shed light for wealth managers.
Navigating Non-Financial Retirement Concerns
If you're not an expert, find one.
How to Slap Harvard on Your Resume — Or Not
Is it worth it for financial advisors to pay up to $25,000 to speak at the elite school, even if they weren’t invited?