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October 17, 2017

Fidelity Report Warns Young Investors Have Stunningly Unrealistic Return Expectations
Advisors weigh in on how to help millennial cloud-dwellers get their landing gear out.
IMCA Highlights Wealth Credentials in Rebrand
New name meant to reflect rise of private-client FAs while preserving institutional ties.
Wells Fargo to Return $3.4M Over Sales Practices
Finra orders brokerages to pay back FiNet clients over volatility-linked products.
Vanguard ETFs Ditched By Another Major Platform
As discount broker triples its commission-free ETF program Vanguard’s funds aren’t included.
Is Finra Fair to Small Brokers?

Last week Finra CEO Robert Cook said the industry regulator wants to help shape an environment that’s encouraging to small broker-dealers. But many broker-dealers blamed Finra itself for creating a hostile climate for them. Do you think Finra is fair to small broker-dealers? Tell us why you feel this way in the comment section below.