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October 11, 2017

Morgan Stanley: Tax-Loss Harvesting Boon Coming
Despite new stock highs, analysts see more openings to book losses for clients.
Don’t Hold Your Breath for Arb Award Explanations
An absence of explained awards is a consistent criticism of Finra’s arbitration forum.
Merrill Lynch Loses FAs to RJ, HighTower
Meanwhile, two Philadelphia-area wealth practices merge to form a $2.4 billion RIA.
Sifma Slams State Fiduciary Rule Approach
Industry group says any new fiduciary duties under Nevada’s state rule would violate an act of Congress.
Why Should FAs Learn More About Impact Investing?
Whether you’re a fan or opponent, clients are asking for sustainable investments, so you may as well learn more about them.  Video [ 4:29 ]   Transcript