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December 27, 2016

FAs Going Fee-Only Should Identify Client Needs First
Finding the most profitable clients and tailoring to their needs is key to staying competitive, consultant says.
Trump’s SEC Will Still Go After Minor FA Infractions
Regulator will likely stop fining minor violations but investigations aren’t going away.
Social Security Funds to Run Dry by 2029
Beneficiaries in 2030 would see a 29% cut in payments if laws remain the same.
Let Your Clients Buy the Farm and Manage the Risk
What are clients thinking about the alternative assets scene?
How are Your Clients Feeling About the New Year?

With recent new highs in the stock market, a more clearly assertive Fed, and a breathtaking change of the political guard on the national scene in the year just ahead, we’d like to know how your clients are feeling about 2017.