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Archive: Insulating Clients From Inflation Risk

By Jonathan E. Braunstein June 27, 2014

For most of the past 30 years, bond laddering has been a losing bet. But with inflation again a concern, financial advisor Richard Wagener says the strategy may again come into vogue. Wagener made his comments during Financial Advisor IQ’s webcast “Insulating Clients from Inflation Risk,” sponsored by Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management.

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Wagener was joined on the panel by fellow Financial Times 400 Top Advisor Christopher Sauro of Wells Fargo Advisors, as well as Dodd Kittsley, the head of ETF strategy for Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management. Kittsley offered an overview of the current economic condition and why he sees inflation on the horizon. He also discussed whether he things investors, by and large, are prepared for what is to come.

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Dodd Kittsley, Head of ETF Strategy, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management
Christopher Sauro, Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisors
Richard Wagener, Managing Partner, Wagener-Lee

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