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Chalice Financial Network Secures Discounted Access to Orion’s Services

By Alex Padalka March 11, 2019

Members of the Chalice Financial Network can now get discounted access to the suite of business administration tools offered by Orion Advisor Services, according to Chalice.

CFN’s 43,000 members will be able to tap into Orion’s performance reports, trade order management, billing, business intelligence and other services, CFN says in a press release.

Orion’s technology offerings are used on over two million accounts, representing more than $750 billion in assets, according to the company.

CFN is a software-as-a-service-based member benefit organization for independent advisors, so advisors on the network can access its services without having to be affiliated with an independent broker-dealer or RIA, the company says.

When the organization launched earlier this year, CFN touted its services as an Amazon Prime for financial advisors because of its ability to deliver unbundled fintech solutions.

“From the start, we set out to establish relationships with service providers that would drive the greatest value for independent advisors as financial advice professionals, and as business owners, and to bring these services together on our digital marketplace, the Chalice Advisor Exchange,” Derek Bruton, CFN’s president, says in the press release. “The addition of Orion’s solutions to our platform vastly enhances the ability of CFN members to automate their back-office needs and to drive efficiencies that can lead to growth in revenues and profits.”

Orion CEO Eric Clarke is a member of the Chalice Advisory Board, according to the press release. Part of the board’s mission is “to serve as an incubator for ideas,” CFN says.

Other members include Aaron Klein, founder and CEO of Riskalyze; and Stephanie Brown, former general counsel at LPL and now of counsel at Markun, Zusman, Freniere and Compton.