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Morgan Stanley Actively Looking for Thousands of New Staff

October 3, 2018

Wirehouse Morgan Stanley financial advisors wishing they could get a little more help may be in luck: the firm’s top job listing is for registered associates for managing client relationships under an advisor, according to an analysis of the firm’s job listings by the web publication Thinknum.

As of September 29, Morgan Stanley listed a total of 147 positions for the entry-level job, although they were split into three separate groupings under the exact same title of registered associate, Thinknum writes. The firm was also looking to fill 88 positions for client service associates, 16 for interns, 12 for senior registered associates and 10 for wealth management associates, according to the web publication. In all, Morgan Stanley was aiming to fill 2,000 positions, many of them in IT, Thinknum writes.

But the hiring spree appears to be slowing down, according to the web publication. The firm’s workforce has expanded along with the bull market, growing from 69,000 in January 2017 to 79,700 by this month, according to the number of LinkedIn accounts registered to Morgan Stanley employees, Thinknum writes.


The pace of hires also increased into this year, with the number of open positions growing from 1,650 in February 2018 to a peak of 2,270 in May, according to the web publication. Since then, however, the number of open positions has flattened out, according to Thinknum’s analysis.

By Alex Padalka
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