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Former Cetera Boss Launches Wealth Management Consultancy

By Alex Padalka September 13, 2018

Larry Roth, the former CEO of Cetera Financial Group and AIG Advisor Group, has founded RLR Strategic Partners, a growth consulting firm tailoring to the wealth management sector, according to a press release from RLR.

Based in New York, the new firm will also work with related industries, such as fintech and retail asset management, and has formed an alliance with the middle-market investment bank Berkshire Global Advisors, RLR says.

The company’s focus will be helping firms implement strategies to achieve growth goals, in part through mergers and acquisitions advice and financing through its alliance with Berkshire, according to the press release.

RLR will also offer consulting to both publicly-traded and closely-held companies that want to expand or enhance their boards of directors, RLR says.

The firm’s own strategy will be to embrace technology and innovation while cutting inefficiencies and legacy systems and structures that no longer deliver, according to the press release.

“With the launch of this consultancy, I’m harnessing a three-decade career leading some of the largest financial services firms in the industry, to a personal passion for enhancing the relevance of the wealth management space to individuals and businesses across the country,” Roth says in the press release. “The work that we are doing at RLR is ultimately all geared towards helping the wealth management space create significant new value by serving the crucial role it is meant to play in our society.”

Roth was CEO of Cetera from January to August 2016, a difficult period during which the firm was spun off from RCS Capital Corporation as RCS declared bankruptcy and Cetera underwent financial restructuring, as reported.