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Merrill Lynch Expands Portfolio Analysis Capabilities in Edge

By Alex Padalka February 13, 2018

Merrill Lynch has expanded the capabilities of its online platform Merrill Edge, allowing users to access more portfolio-monitoring tools, the company says in a press release.

In addition to monitoring performance, Merrill Edge clients can now compare their portfolios’ performance to the broader market; view their portfolios by asset class and industry, including the ability to see overlapping investments; and view snapshots of what analysts are saying about their investments, as well as see “action items” and get help building better-balanced portfolios, Merrill Lynch says.

Users can now view how their portfolios measure up along MSCI ESG ratings, which provide portfolio-level environment, social and governance scores, according to the press release. The ratings will also let clients easily spot ESG under-performers in their portfolios, Merrill Lynch says.

“Knowledge is power, and we want our self-directed clients to know as much as possible when building and managing their portfolios to help them pursue their investing goals,” Aron Levine, head of Merrill Edge, says in the press release. “By providing access to tools, education and insight, we believe we can help our clients better manage their financial lives.”


Merrill Edge’s new offering builds on the enhanced research capabilities rolled out in November that focused on helping users make more informed decisions about individual stocks. That suite of tools aimed to deliver insight in plain English, with contextual explanations of industry jargon.