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Our Most Read Stories of the Year

By FA-IQ Staff December 26, 2017

This year's list includes big political revelations, dramatic regulatory changes, and seismic shifts in corporate strategy ... 2017 certainly wasn't dull for financial advisors.

Biggest Story of the Year: Trump to Halt Fiduciary Rule (Feb. 3)

In a year focused on impending regulation and the performance of a new president, it's hardly surprising that a story on Donald Trump's intentions for the fiduciary rule was the top read for 2017... [read]

Wirehouse Most Read Story: Ameriprise, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and Merrill Lynch Called Out as Most Expensive Advice Firms (Oct. 26)

As well as being the second-most read story of the year, not only did this story have the longest headline, it also garnered a lot of reader comments – many of them taking strong issue with the researcher's methodology ... [read]

Most Read Retirement Story: Social Security Age Change Leaves Some Clients Short (Jan. 17)

As more and more people head into retirement, this sage analysis from FA-IQ journalist Murray Coleman was well-read ... [read]

Broker-Dealer Most Popular Story: Another Firm Follows UBS and Morgan Stanley Out of the Broker Protocol … That’s 18 Exits This Year (Nov. 29)

In the final months of 2017, all eyes were focused on the big news that Morgan Stanley had left the Broker Protocol ... [read]

Most Popular Regulation Story: Cliff Asness Pokes a Big Hole in the Fiduciary Rule (Jan. 30)

When Cliff Asness speaks, investors tend to listen. And it seems when he speaks about financial regulation, so too do FAs ... [read]

IBDs Loved: Brokerages May Go the Way of the Buggy Whip (July 13)

This incisive thought piece by FA-IQ associate editor Tom Coyle gave independent broker-dealers pause ... [read]

Widest Read Compliance Story: Finra’s Disciplinary Focus is Shifting, Lawyers Warn (Sept. 26)

How the industry's self-regulator handles enforcement is always an important issue for advisors. So when lawyers warned Finra might be changing its focus, the industry listened ... [read]

RIAs Most Popular Story: Rule of 72: Good for Client Education or Total Hogwash? (May 31)

In this contentious article on investment philosophy, financial advisors faced off over their opinions on the old Rule of 72 guideline ... [read]

Most Popular Fees Story: Merrill Links New Comp Plan to the 'Entrepreneurial' Spirits of its Advisors (Nov. 9)

News of a new wirehouse comp plan is always a big deal for FA-IQ readers ... [read]

Most Read Marketing Story: Wells Fargo Scandal Fallout Ripples Through Industry (May 2)

The Wells Fargo fake accounts scandal was a hot issue in 2017... [read]

Most Watched Video: Edelman Boss Reveals DOL Rule Impact at Top RIA

Finally, the most watched video of 2017 was Rita Raagas De Ramos's insightful interview with Edelman boss Ryan Parker. Watch it here.

Which of this year's stories impacted you the most?