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Advisor Group Unveils New FA Tools

October 27, 2017

Advisor Group has rolled out two new digital tools to help financial advisors with client communications and marketing as well as succession planning, Wealth Management writes.

The company has launched a platform that includes original content for personalized communications with prospects and clients through email, social media and events, according to the web publication. This includes the ability to automate correspondence such as printed welcome letters, email reminders to review statements, invitations to link up with the advisor on social media, annual check-ins and even birthday cards, as well as posts to social media, Wealth Management writes. The digital library of original content is what separates Advisor Group’s platform from the competition, the company’s president and CEO Jamie Price tells the web publication. Advisors will also be able to write their own content on the platform for others to use, according to Wealth Management.

Advisor Group is also rolling out another digital tool aimed at helping advisors with valuations and mergers and acquisitions research, the web publication writes. The platform lets users search and filter firms by factors such as revenue, assets under management, location, services offered and number of clients, according to Wealth Management. Advisor Group will not charge closing fees for deals made through the platform, the web publication writes.

The company is also looking to tackle issues facing advisors’ clients as they live longer and face running out of money in their retirement, according to Wealth Management writes. Advisor Group plans to do market research and build awareness among advisors about the place of insurance in financial plans, according to the web publication.

By Alex Padalka
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