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Many Advisor Websites Lack Two Critical Factors

May 1, 2017

Websites are an important part of lead-generation for financial advisors, but they only deliver prospects if they’re engaging and easily found through searches, Jack Waymire writes in Seeking Alpha.

Investors must feel like they’ve come to the right place when they reach an advisor’s website, according to Waymire, founder of the RIA-focused marketing firm Paladin Digital Marketing. In order to achieve that, websites must deliver information that investors are seeking when looking for a financial advisor, such as what makes an advice practice stand apart from the crowd and how their services can address the investor’s needs, he writes. Advisors should also provide free educational materials, either through white papers, eBooks or info-graphics, according to Waymire. And the content must change monthly or quarterly, he writes.

It’s equally important potential clients can find the advisor’s website, according to Waymire. Advisors need to understand the keywords investors use to search for them and guide their website content accordingly, he writes.

To see which strategies work, advisors need to use advanced website analytics and correct anything that fails to engage their visitors, according to Waymire. At the least, 1% of the site’s visitors should be getting in touch or agreeing to receive a free offer, he writes.

Finally, it’s important that interested website visitors are entered into the practice’s client relationship management system, and that marketing staff contact them promptly, according to Waymire.

By Alex Padalka
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