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Where You Get Your CFP Might Not Matter

March 27, 2017

When picking a certified financial planner certification program it’s far more important to find the right fit than focus on the name and pedigree of the school, Nerd’s Eye View writes.

People considering getting their CFP credentials increasingly obsess about getting into the top-ranked programs much like parents worry about their children getting into Ivy League schools, according to the web publication. But clients simply don’t care that much about the pedigree of the CFP program and very rarely even bother to ask about it, Nerd’s Eye View writes. And even in cases when they do ask, it’s relatively simple to outline the credentials of institutions not well-known outside the industry, such as American College or the College for Financial Planning, according to the publication.

What people considering CFP programs need to focus on is whether they’ll be able to learn the material and gain the ability to confidently use it, Nerd’s Eye View writes.

The pedigree of the school can matter slightly for people who are applying for internal positions within financial planning firms, according to the publication. Having a school such as Texas Tech or Virginia Tech on one's resume can certainly help land an interview, Nerd’s Eye View writes. But the name of the school isn’t enough to get the job, because the interview will focus on the education obtained, according to the publication.

Another reason pedigree could matter is for networking purposes – but that’s a very niche marketing strategy, Nerd’s Eye View writes. And the name matters a little more for people considering academia, according to the publication, although only for tenure-track positions. Even then, however, what really matters is not the CFP program but the institution from which the person obtained their master’s or Ph.D. degree, Nerd’s Eye View writes.

By Alex Padalka
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