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Morgan Stanley Video Shenanigans Raised in Lawsuit

February 13, 2017

That Morgan Stanley’s wealth chief allegedly mocked disabled people in a company video, is critical evidence in a recent lawsuit claiming discrimination at the firm, the New York Daily News reports.

Andy Saperstein allegedly appeared in an in-house video playing the role of autistic savant Dustin Hoffman from the 1988 film Rain Man, also starring Tom Cruise, according to the lawsuit cited by the Daily News.

The allegations are part of a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court by Robert Zengotita, who claims he was wrongly dismissed in December 2015, according to the paper. Zengotita, who coordinated Morgan Stanley’s conferences, says since he’d started at the firm in 2006 he was passed over for pay raises and promotions because he’s Hispanic, according to the court papers cited by the Daily News.

The so-called “Rain Man” video that starred Saperstein was one of several that demonstrate a “shockingly callous discriminatory atmosphere” at the wirehouse, according to the suit cited by the paper.

Zengotita says that in another video, another Hispanic staff member was repeatedly called a “crazy Latina,” according to the Daily News. He also says that in a Hunger Games parody video, apparently never used at the firm but leaked in 2015, senior wealth management executives played “employees fighting to the death to keep their job,” the Daily News writes.

The suit alleges that the Hunger Games parody was made at a time of layoffs, according to the paper. Zengotita is seeking unspecified damages but also wants to come back to Morgan Stanley, the Daily News writes.

A Morgan Stanley spokesman tells the paper that the company is fully committed to an inclusive and diverse work environment but declined comment on behalf of Saperstein.

The spokesman also tells the paper that the company couldn’t find the videos named in the suit but will fight the suit in litigation, according to the Daily News.

By Alex Padalka
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