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The Benefits of Family LLCs for HNW Investors

By Jonathan E. Braunstein January 23, 2017

When financial advisor offer direction to their clients about estate planning, they often think only in terms of wills and trusts as the primary means to protect intergenerational wealth. However, there are other tools available, and family LLCs can offer great benefits to those who understand how to utilize them.

Financial Advisor IQ Education’s webcast – The Benefits of Family LLCs for HNW Investors – offers an in-depth tutorial on the benefits of family LLCs and the various scenarios where they may be appropriate for your clients. This includes protecting businesses, insulating family assets from creditors, and training the next generation. This continuing education webcast has been certified by the CFP and CIMA for one hour of CE credit. Participants must view the full event and successfully complete the post-event quiz.

Featuring slides and audio and streamed over the Internet, Financial Advisor IQ Education Webcasts present free, in-depth presentations by industry experts. These webcasts are recorded and are available for viewing at your convenience.

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James Duggan, Principal, Duggan Bertsch

Jonathan E. Braunstein

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