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A Sure-Fire Prediction for 2017

By Crucial Clips     January 4, 2017
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Source: FA-IQ, Jan. 4, 2017 

I don't think predictions ever come true, not in any meaningful way.

I mean we can predict, with fair certainty, that Donald Trump will be inaugurated in January. We can also confidently suppose there will be a Superbowl and a World Series and an NBA championship — I mean barring Armageddon.

Past that though, you start to notice that “expert” prognosticators tend to make the future look incredibly like...the present.

Has there been market volatility lately? Look out for volatility in 2017, they’ll tell you. Has it been smooth sailing? Well then, more fair winds are in store.

And then of course they hedge things by saying the volatility — if that’s what they’re proposing — won’t be too bad and won’t last two long. And if clear skies are the forecast, then we’ll be warned about residual turbulence from the Fed or Trump or China or, God knows, Greece again.

Nobody has a clue beyond what a smart child could conjure.

So let’s be honest. For this industry, this country, this planet, 2017 will be somewhat different, and somewhat the same.

Unless it’s not — and then I’ll say I told you so.

I’m Tom Coyle, and this is FA-IQ.