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FA-IQ's Top 10 Stories for 2016

By FA-IQ Staff December 30, 2016

What was on the minds of financial advisors in 2016? This New Year’s Eve edition, we review 2016 and take a look at the most popular articles on FinancialAdvisorIQ.

The Department of Labor finally revealed its new fiduciary rule for retirement savings accounts in April, and much of 2016 was spent debating the practicalities of the rule and preparing for compliance. Yet as Americans went to the polls in November to elect Republican Donald Trump, media and industry observers started questioning whether or not the rule would even make it past the new administration. All the while robo-advisors continued their rise. While they’re not necessarily taking assets away from human advisors just yet, robos have certainly increasingly become an existential threat for some advisors and a useful tool for others.

This year FA-IQ has once again been proud to bring you news and insights important to running your wealth management business and servicing your clients. Thanks for making FA-IQ your source for critical practice management and client servicing information in 2016. FA-IQ started the year with just over 40,000 registered users but by December we had broken the 100,000 mark. We look forward to providing you with incisive insight and actionable ideas in 2017 and the years to come.

Here are FA-IQ’s Top Ten stories for 2016:

1. RIA Favorite Story in 2016: The Incredible Shrinking Advisor (Aug. 8)

One of the most-read articles by RIAs in 2016 explained how some FAs are making behavioral finance central to their practices.

2. Most Read by IBDs: Edward Jones Makes Anti-Team Appeal to Wirehouse FAs (Nov. 17)

When news broke in November that Edward Jones was luring wirehouse advisors, it became the most-read story by indie broker-dealers.

3. Most Read by Wirehouse FAs: Morgan Stanley FA Jumps to Merrill Lynch (Jan. 7)

When an LA-based team moved from one wirehouse to another, it became the most popular story among wirehouse readers.

4. Finra goes after Merrill Advisor over Fee Shenanigans (Aug. 10)

In 2016, the most-read story about a wirehouse involved an FA who allegedly misled IRA clients.

5. DOL Rule Makes Some FAs Reconsider Career (Sept. 26)

This year, the most popular regulation story highlighted advisor fears over the fiduciary rule.

6. Clients Are Saying Nasty Things About You (Aug. 17)

Our readers’ favorite client servicing article explained how winning clients over as promoters can boost referrals and revenue.

7. ‘Underserved’ Wealth Markets Revealed (July 11)

One of the most forwarded articles of 2016 was an exclusive study for FA-IQ that unearthed the most underserved and oversaturated advice markets in the country.

8. Finra Flags Problems with DOL’s Fiduciary Rule (May 27)

One of this year’s favorite practice management stories revealed that Finra had serious concerns over the new DOL Rule.

9. Next-Wave Robos Shake Things Up for FAs (Sept. 7)

One of the most popular tech stories of 2016 explored the new wave of robo-advisors and their impact on FAs.

10. Top Video: How Merrill Makes Goals-Based Investing Work (Feb. 4)

In FA-IQ registrants' most-viewed video, Merrill Lynch revealed how behavioral finance underpins its goals-based investing strategy.