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FA Websites Must Be Engaging, Tailored and Secure

December 28, 2016

Financial advisors dissatisfied with the potential clients websites bring to their practice should focus on the visitor’s — i.e., prospect’s — experience, Jack Waymire writes on Seeking Alpha.

A recent Paladin Digital Marketing survey found that 82.4% of advisors are unhappy with what their websites achieve for them, and a whopping 90% had no idea what they did wrong, writes Waymire, founder of the marketing firm geared to RIAs. But advisors shouldn’t dismiss their websites, he writes, as investors are increasingly using Google to find and screen advisors.

To make their sites work, advisors need to step away from traditional outbound marketing thinking used for direct mail and advertising, according to Waymire.

A website uses inbound marketing, aimed at convincing investors to contact advisors themselves. To do so, advisors have two minutes and 20 seconds to detail their offerings, create credibility and establish trust, he writes.

That means that websites can’t be cookie-cutter: template-based sites rank poorly with Google, while generic content, including stock photos, fails to differentiate the practice or instill trust, according to Waymire. Advisors should also avoid distractions such as excessive articles or calculators, he writes. Instead, websites should offer freebies such as ebooks, or financial plan or portfolio reviews. But those offers must also deliver real value lest they get ignored, Waymire writes.

Finally, advisor websites must make visitors feel secure enough to make contact. To do so, the only thing advisors can do is ensure there’s nothing on their sites that would rub investors the wrong way, according to Waymire.

By Alex Padalka
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