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Active Indexing with ETFs

By Jonathan E. Braunstein August 29, 2016

The choice between active management and passive management may be a false dichotomy. Passive exchange traded funds can be used in active indexing strategies, allowing investors to specifically target certain areas of market exposure.

Financial Advisor IQ Education’s webcast – Active Indexing: Being Passive-Aggressive with ETFs – reviews the basics of portfolio-tilt analysis and the methods of targeting certain exposures using combinations of index ETFs. The webcast also compares this strategy to others that attempt to accomplish the same results. This continuing education webcast has been certified by the CFP and CIMA for one hour of CE credit. Participants must view the full event and successfully complete the post-event quiz.

Featuring slides and audio and streamed over the Internet, Financial Advisor IQ Education Webcasts present free, in-depth presentations by industry experts. These webcasts are recorded and are available for viewing at your convenience.

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Jim Rowley, senior investment analyst, Vanguard Investment Strategy Group

Jonathan E. Braunstein

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