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Putnam Rolls Out Advice Platform for Advisors

By Alex Padalka January 26, 2016

Putnam Investments realizes it can be tough talking to clients about the market when it’s having its worst-ever first week of the year. And it wants to help. A new informational campaign from the company claims to provide advisors with commentary and insight about the most poignant issues facing investors this year, according to the company’s press release.

The “Maneuver in Markets” campaign aims to deliver expert observations and perspectives to the advisor community through regular articles on Putnam’s website, video commentary from portfolio managers, white papers, social media, webinars and print and digital marketing, according to the company.

The campaign focuses on active rate strategies, short-term moves to preserve capital and expand options, risk reduction and volatility management through diversification, and going after stronger returns in equities, the company says.

Putnam’s website links each of the four areas of focus to a variety of funds designed to serve that particular strategy, and are presented to both advisors and retail investors, although the company lets advisors “test-drive” its funds on risk, correlation and more, according to the company.