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New Lead-Generating Tech Lets Firms Tailor Content

May 27, 2015

A new lead-generation browser lets wealth firms tailor the content they serve up to users while verifying these users’ identities and (to some extent) behavior, WealthManagement.com writes. The “browser-in-the-cloud” technology also lets firms deliver original content while staying compliant.

Unlike legacy compliance systems that serve up content purchased by a chief compliance officer, Vestorly’s new software lets advisors purchase content directly while letting firms oversee the viewers’ activities, according to WealthManagement.com. The browser works on a closed loop,by importing into the system “tens of thousands” of articles daily, which can then be moved to a content library inside the browser, get a quick OK from the compliance department, and be distributed via the company’s website, blog, newsletter or social-media properties. Vestorly’s founder and CEO Justin Wisz tells WealthManagement.com emails fed by the new browser are generating a 500% rise in open rates and saving advisors six to eight hours each week on average.

The platform also gives advisors a broad view of their readers — their names, email addresses, point of contact, and what they read, Wisz tells WealthManagement.com.

Filters let advisors screen for content users are most likely to click on. Firms can also put their own content, such as white papers, into the content library.

By Alex Padalka
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